The physical work environment is known to affect how employees perceive their organization and how they go about getting their work done.  Some researchers have estimated that up to 20% of productivity gains or losses may result from the effects of the office environment on employees.  In addition to this, facilities management and operation (or rent and maintenance) often form one of the biggest annual expenses for most organizations.

The design of office space can cause positives and negatives for both the office occupants and their organization, often quite unintentionally.

Working Spaces is a division of Nonprofit Matters, an organization that supports nonprofits and charities to be healthier and more resilient. Constance Exley is the Executive Director of Nonprofit Matters and Founder of Working Spaces. Constance works with organizations to enhance the functionality and beauty of their physical workspaces; assists employees to balance the competing demands of their professional and personal lives; and educates nonprofits and businesses on how to be more accessible to people with disabilities.

Constance Exley, Working Spaces Founder

In addition to having a a teaching degree from McGill University and a Masters of Environmental Studies and Urban Planning from York University, Constance is the Founding Director of the Ontario Nonprofit Network and has more than 25 years experience supporting the work of nonprofits in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, and overseas.