Working Spaces provides workspace strategy consulting services for your organization.We’ll show you how your current space is affecting your organization’s ability to effectively fulfill its mission and we’ll help you to boost staff performance and enhance your organizational culture.

The concept of ‘Workspace Design’ has been developed as a method to actively involve users of a particular space in design processes. Workspaces are often designed by architects, engineers, senior staff, and others who mainly consider spatial, technological, and financial matters in the design criteria, making the users of the space a by-product of the design process. Working Spaces examines how your work space meets your functional needs but we also look at the ‘invisible architecture’ that holds the space together.

Here’s how we can work with you to improve your office space:

Space Audit and Performance Analysis

Working Spaces performs a space audit and performance analysis to identify what is working and not working in your office. We provide you with a report and recommendations of both big and small changes, short term and long term solutions that can be made to enhance your office aesthetics, staff comfort and productivity, and maximize your resources.

Strategic and Work Cycle Planning

Your work environment can either support or distract you from your daily activities and your organization’s mission. Working Spaces works with you to review your current and upcoming projects and ensure that your office space is set up to enable you to more easily and effectively accomplish your tasks. We help you to leverage your physical environment so that it supports your strategic goals and objectives.

Education – Workshops, Presentations and Staff Retreats

Take some time to reflect and think about your work environment and how it might be improved. Working Spaces takes you through an interactive session of personal visioning, collaborative brainstorming, and concrete action planning for making important and impactful changes to your space.

Working Spaces works with you to transform your office into an inspiring and productive place to be – one step at a time.